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A selection of corporate signage projects we have recently produced...

Design. Evolved.

Outdoor signage for Poole Park Holiday Apartments

Corporate Sign Company, Designosaur, Providing Promotional Signage and Corporate Signs.

Designosaur are a corporate sign company
who provide corporate signage for offices and promotional signage for shop fronts and other commercial premises. We can design, produce and install promotional signage for walls, free standing signs, corporate signs with cemented legs, window graphics, individual cut-out letters or temporary banner signs, so for all your signage requirements contact us today.

Corporate Signs and Promotional Signage


We design and install corporate signs that we guarantee will get your business noticed, from illuminated fascias to pavement boards and panel and post systems. Designosaur are a corporate sign company offering the full range of sign making services form purely functional directional signs to decorative illuminated displays, all of our interior and exterior promotional signage is tailor-made for your business.


Exterior Signage from Corporate Sign Company


In the highly competitive business world it is essential that you have effective exterior signage helping your company stand out from the crowd. It is a fundamental part of any business to make you more visible and increase brand awareness among customers and potential customers alike.


Our expertly designed and manufactured promotional signage will help promote your business to a wide audience and are produced on tough, durable materials that can be guaranteed vandal proof and UV resistant.


Simple informative signs and directional signage are vital for good customer service. We can offer you a range of corporate signs to meet every need, from fascias, spinning signs, 'A' boards, plaques and panel and post systems.

Exterior signage installed by corporate sign company, Designosaur

Interior Signage from Corporate Sign Company


Well appointed, well designed interior signage can create the right impression on customers and visitors, whether its purpose is to make a statement about the nature of your business or it is purely functional.


Point-of-sale display material can help draw attention to specific special offers and promotions which means that your interior signage can not only generate brand awareness, it can also be used to help generate sales.


We can also cater for all aspects of your health and safety requirements such as internal directional signage, warning signs and door signs.


Window Graphics from Corporate Sign Company


All large areas of glass have to be marked in some way to help prevent accidental collision to comply with Health and Safety regulations. However an opportunity now exists for you to utilise this, otherwise overlooked space, with elegant, high-impact promotional material. We can help you to make the most of your glass space by combining safety with very effective and eye catching advertising.


If you prefer a more contemporary look you could mark the glass with a pattern
or effect. We can create the illusion of etched or frosted glass by using the latest advanced film techniques which can be created at a fraction of the cost of the
real thing.


Otherwise you can mark the glass with promotional material by using a variety of colour and photographic signage which can help promote specific products and services or can be utilised to promote your corporate branding.

Our graphic designers will be happy to receive your brief for artwork or we will happily accept your own artwork. You provide the spec and we'll return the price, please call us
today on 01202 914790 or email us your company signage requirements.

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