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Special Offer

Special Offer

To take advantage of this MONSTER offer give us a call on 01202 914790 or email us.

1,000 FREE


1,000 FREE


When you launch a brand new website we know that all you want to do is SHOUT about it and tell everybody you know to go and
take a look.



We also understand how important marketing is and, of course, we appreciate that having a great website is paramount. But we are also great believers that handing out leaflets to your customers or prospective customers is a really good way of attracting new business. Especially if you are exhibiting at a trade show or even sending them to your customers along with their invoices or other correspondence.


As a new company, we need to let as many people know as possible, who we are and what we do… and thats where you come in. We will happily design and print up to 1,000 FREE A6 or DL leaflets* for you, advertising either your services or promoting your new website that we designed and built for you.


On the reverse of the leaflet we will add a little bit about the website design project we have worked along side you on with a list of our services and our contact details. So when you hand out these leaflets to promote your new website you are also promoting our services too.

*T&Cs: When Designosaur UK Ltd designs and builds a website for you that is equal to or in excess of £1,000 (before VAT) we will design and print 1,000 leaflets for

  you as specified above. If the invoice is equal to or in excess of £500 (before VAT) we will design and print 500 leaflets for you as specified above. If you would like

  to take advantage of this offer, but based on a different project not a website, please give us a call on 01202 914790 to discuss this. We may retract this offer at

  anytime and without notice. Our decision is final.

Search Engine Optimisation Company, Designosaur, are based in Dorset in the UK. SEO Services provided to help Increase your Search Engine Ranking.

In this age of corporate Internet branding, it is paramount that the website promotion services that a search engine optimisation company provide are used to the full. At Designosaur our UK SEO services are offered as an important component of
your website design to help boost and maintain your search engine ranking.


Search Engine Ranking, how important is it?


When more and more people are accessing the Internet and using search engines to find the products and services they require, it is paramount that you choose the right search engine optimisation company to help with your search engine ranking and that's where Designosaur can help.

Certified by SEO in Practice Certified by SEO in Practice

Search Engine Optimisation Company


Designosaur provide keyword services to help improve search engine ranking; we undertake a detailed examination of your business and the phrases associated with it, we then produce a keyword analysis which determines which keyword phrases are being searched for in the major search engines and also how many competing websites there are using these keyword phrases. Once we have established this we can then optimise your web pages accordingly and then register you with all the major search engines.


The careful design of a website can help improve your search engine ranking, and whilst it is virtually impossible to guarantee the top ranking position, careful attention to the actual design of the website and the phrases used in certain areas can increase the ranking position dramatically. Although we cannot guarantee the number one position we often do achieve this in Google and other search engines for targeted keyword phrases for our customers.


All of our websites are developed not only with visual appeal and delivery of information in mind but also with search engine optimisation requirements designed in as standard. In this way we deliver our customers not only a fully functioning website that meets client requirements but also a website that has a chance of higher search engine ranking.


UK SEO Services offered to anybody in the UK


We are often asked by companies that already have existing websites to either help redesign their website or to help them with their website promotion. We are more than happy to help by offering our UK SEO services and we actually like to rise to the challenge and improve their search engine ranking where other website design and SEO companies have failed.

Our SEO specialists will be happy to review your current website* and provide you with a proposal to make your website more
SEO friendly and increase your rankings and traffic. Please call us today on
01202 914790 or send us an email requesting your SEO review. *There may be a charge for this service.

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