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Special Offer

Special Offer

To take advantage of this MONSTER offer give us a call on 01202 914790 or email us.

1,000 FREE


1,000 FREE


When you launch a brand new website we know that all you want to do is SHOUT about it and tell everybody you know to go and
take a look.



We also understand how important marketing is and, of course, we appreciate that having a great website is paramount. But we are also great believers that handing out leaflets to your customers or prospective customers is a really good way of attracting new business. Especially if you are exhibiting at a trade show or even sending them to your customers along with their invoices or other correspondence.


As a new company, we need to let as many people know as possible, who we are and what we do… and thats where you come in. We will happily design and print up to 1,000 FREE A6 or DL leaflets* for you, advertising either your services or promoting your new website that we designed and built for you.


On the reverse of the leaflet we will add a little bit about the website design project we have worked along side you on with a list of our services and our contact details. So when you hand out these leaflets to promote your new website you are also promoting our services too.

*T&Cs: When Designosaur UK Ltd designs and builds a website for you that is equal to or in excess of £1,000 (before VAT) we will design and print 1,000 leaflets for

  you as specified above. If the invoice is equal to or in excess of £500 (before VAT) we will design and print 500 leaflets for you as specified above. If you would like

  to take advantage of this offer, but based on a different project not a website, please give us a call on 01202 914790 to discuss this. We may retract this offer at

  anytime and without notice. Our decision is final.


Designosaur. Design. Evolved.

A selection of responsive web design projects we have recently produced...

Designosaur. Design. Evolved.

Responsive web design and mobile website design services nationwide from Dorset based web design agency.

It has never been more imperative to have a mobile friendly website. Smart phones and tablets are being used to access the Internet more and more each day so if your website isn't designed with mobile devices in mind then you could be missing out on a great deal of traffic. Certainly now that Google has confirmed that, when searching on a mobile device, your website will rank better in their results pages if you have a mobile friendly website.


We offer two mobile website design solutions; responsive website design and mobile website design. Each option has it's pros and cons.


Responsive Website Design

When you resize the window of a responsive website the page layout shape shifts and displays differently to best suit the width of the window. So when you open a responsive website on a mobile device it will automatically resize the page accordingly. To future proof your website the best option is to make sure your website design is responsive. There are a multitude of screen sizes in use for all devices which makes a responsive website design more flexible (no pun intended) than a separate mobile website. Also a responsive website should workout cheaper than designing and building a website along with a separate mobile website.


Mobile Website Design

When you first visit a website it detects what size screen is being used i.e. a computer, smart phone or tablet and displays the content accordingly.  When we design and build mobile websites we use different Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
to determine the layout for different screen sizes, usually designing two variations, one for computer monitors and another for mobiles. The  desktop design used for computer monitors is usually perfectly fine for tablets but we can always design a different layout for tablets if you wish, like we did for the Anvil Inn website (below).


However the website does not just resize, we are able to change the layout to better suit each screen size. We may also remove some content that is not supported on some smart phones and tablets i.e. Flash animation.


  • One advantage of having a separate mobile website is that you have twice the number of pages that you can optimise for search engines.
  • Another advantage is that you have more control over the layout and content so that you can better optimise the page for mobiles.
  • The main disadvantage of having a separate mobile website is that, unless it is a CMS website, when you update any content you may have to do it twice.

Our website designers will be happy to receive your brief to design your website. You provide the spec and we'll return the price, please call us today on 01202 914790 or email us your website design requirements.

Responsive Website Design for the Anvil Inn
Mobile Website Design for Best Kept Books
Mobile Website Design for Hamworthy Body Shop
Mobile Website Design for Parkstone Sand & Gravel

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